Sunday, February 19, 2012

Water Filtration Systems at

All Biomantix water ionizer systems produce alkaline, antioxidant, and hexagonal water without electricity and additional water waste. Compared to other filtration systems and bottled water, alkaline ionized water is much better absorbed by your body and provide higher antioxidant levels.

Water Filtration Systems at

All Biomantix water ionizers are equipped with superior water filtration up to .01 micron to even remove any bacteria or virus. Gallon by gallon, it's the cheapest real water on the planet.

Water Filtration Systems

When ORP is negative, the water becomes an antioxidant, and as line width get smaller, the water becomes more absorbable.

It all starts with adding 73 highly absorbable trace minerals extracted from the deep ocean of Kona, Hawaii to increase the alkalinity of your water up to pH 9. Ionization process continues with far infrared and magnesium beans creating free hydrogen to produce antioxidant water. And finally, Neodymium magnetic beads reduce molecular sizes, and make the water more absorbable.

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