Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Choose a Water Filtration Systems - Tips by NaturallyPure.com.au

This question depends on how much spare room you have on your bench! The above bench filters being considerably cheaper as there is miminmal installation costs. On the other hand you might prefer to have all the "works" out of the way and out of site. These under bench systems usually have an attractive spout that mounts on your siink or bench.
Choose a Water Filtration Systems - Tips by NaturallyPure.com.au Apart from water quality, another factor is user-friendliness. Some filters have 'push-fit' filter cartridges, making replacement very quick, clean and easy, no tools. These are usually 'proprietary design' by the particular manufacturer, which means other brands are not compatible.
Choose a Water Filtration Systems This is not a negative aspect, as long as the manufacturer and/or the retailer are well established. These are usually in the 'high-end' price range, being specially designed and manufactured. Tubing and connections are usually 'quick-fit' too.

You should be aware that distillers are quite expensive to run, comparatively, as they use a lot of electricity.

Distillers are very slow, with most models producing about one litre per hour (during a 4-5 hour 'batch' of about 4 litres). You must periodically clean a Distiller, to avoid mal-function. One benefit is that it is portable - just plug into a power point.

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