Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Make Water safe to Drink - Water Purification Systems

Water is one of the major components used in many different applications performed in laboratories. It is vital to use the correct water grade or quality to match the required procedures or appliances.
water purification systems at Water quality is dependent on the combination of water technologies used to effectively remove contaminants to levels required for critical applications. Validating quality, storing water and system maintenance is also essential to ensure you have the water quality you need.
how to make water safe ELGA have designed water purification systems to meet the different water qualities used in laboratories.

ELGA is an integral part of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, the world leader in water treatment. Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies has a global revenue of 2.5 billion Euros and worldwide team of 9,500 employees.
Water Treatment Technology
It is renowned for its capabilities in providing water solutions of any size to customers throughout the entire water cycle. All systems are manufactured in the UK and we are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. We have our own R&D facilities and are always looking to provide products dedicated to providing the right water quality for your application.

ELGA focuses exclusively on water and its treatment. We continually contribute to the unique technical and scientific applications expertise developed during the last 75 years. ELGA is experienced in meeting the challenges that arise during the development, installation and servicing of single point-of-use purification systems as well as large projects involving consultation with architects, consultants and clients.

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