Friday, December 16, 2011 - Diamond Water Filter Systems

Diamond Water Filter Systems, based on Japanese technology, as manufactured by NEP Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad was introduced to Malaysia, more than 15 years ago. Through all these years, Diamond only produces water filter systems to promote a healthier lifestyle. We are the Trusted Brand, when comes to Water Purifiers in Asia (Readers Digest Gold Award in 2011). In 2010, we received the RD Platinum Platinum Award in Singapore. We have stuck to our principle of only producing “Healthy Water Filter Systems”, and have not adopted other technologies that we know are inferior (i.e. surely Diamond can also sell reverse osmosis systems, or sand based outdoor filtration systems) - Diamond Water Filter Systems

What is the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan? A service plan for you and your loved ones to enjoy Unlimited High Quality Mineral Water at your own home, at a very affordable fee. Only about RM 2 per day, which is the retail price of a bottle of normal grade drinking water (1.5l). Customers no longer need to purchase the Water Filter Systems from Diamond, just join the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan, and the Systems are FREE. We take care of the Diamond Systems to ensure that our customers get to use unlimted high quality healthy Diamond mineral water

Diamond Home Spring Water Plan

The Diamond Master Filter (DMF), the leading outdoor filter in Malaysia, uses a high density fiber Filtron filter (10 microns) with a capacity of 800 to 850 litre per hour. The DMF is also available with the Diamond Home Spring Water Plan that ensures you and your loved ones worry free usage throughout the three years service plan, as service and filter changes are included.

We have an improved controller for back-washing, & improved high density fibre FILTRON 10 microns filter, which is 10 times better resolution than the sand based outdoor filters. Fine enough and yet practical enough for use with the treated water supply in Malaysia.

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