Sunday, December 11, 2011

Water Filtration Systems for Office by

AccuPure® is brought to you by Nestlé Waters® North America, a member of the corporate family of Nestlé Waters S.A., which offers some of the world’s most popular bottled waters and refreshing water-based beverage brands to consumers in over 130 countries.

Water Filtration Systems by

As the world’s largest healthy hydration company, Nestlé Waters S.A. has developed strict processes to ensure that its customers receive the “very best” products that are of the highest quality.

Water Filtration Systems for Office by

In the development of AccuPure® Advanced Water Filtration, Nestlé Waters North America has applied the same rigor and expertise to ensure that our customers receive great tasting drinking water and unmatched customer service.

AccuPure® exclusively uses filtration technologies developed by 3M Purification Inc., that are tested and certified by NSF International®, an independent laboratory that certifies filtration products, ensuring that they meet strict public health and safety standards.

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